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We see the future 

Over the past while we have recognised what's happening in our industry and we want to help change it. Working towards a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future for both our industry and our plant .

The smallest changes now can have the biggest impact down the line.

What are we doing differently?

-We are trying to lessen our impact on the enviroment.

-We are reducing our waste and recycling more.

-We are making more conscious decisions when it comes to ordering and purchasing.


-We are using Irish suppliers and products.


-We are tracing the materials we use back to the source. 


-We are working with industry to make positive change.

-We are educating ourselves on materials, methods, practice and sources.


Our Sustainability & Circularity 

Outdoor Spaces landscaping is seeing the bigger picture.

Our Goal 


We want to become more sustainable so our company can grow into the future without having any negative impact on the environment. Using more sustainably made and source materials and products will help us become more sustainable. With a lower carbon footprint we will have a lower impact on the environment around us.


Using byproducts like composites or recycled materials, lessening our use of primary aggregates and products. Making sure soil excavated from our projects is circulated back into the ground. We want to make the switch to products that have been made in a circular industry.


Using locally made, sourced and supplied materials and products, will reduce our carbon footprint, as lessen the amount of materials and products that don't have to transported for long distances. Instead we want to use local materials so fewer, shorter journeys can be made. Meaning less fuel is consumed and less emissions are created.

Using local, Irish certified products and materials. Will leave a smaller impact on the environment. Certified products mean that the company, procedures and products met the standards and are in compliance EU and local governing bodies. 


Grow Your Vision

Some of our biggest goals can bee seen below 


What have we done?

These are some of the small everyday changes we had made our company 

Reduced Plastics

We have reduced our use of small plastic material bags. We have been getting our products and  materials delivered loosely to our projects.

Invested In Batteries 

We have invested in a large range of tools and machines which  all battery powered. This reduces noise and emissions on our projects.

Using Irish Products 

We are using Irish grown timber and Irish made paving products and jointing materials. We are using Irish made hand tools. 

What decisions are we making?

These are some of the small everyday changes we are making in our company 

Recycling On Site 

We have introduced a new colour coded recycling system on out sites to dramatically reduce our waste. Organising our waste in single materials so they can be correctly recycled.

Local suppliers 

We are moving towards using only local suppliers of materials and products. Using local suppliers has supported local businesses, help with jobs, reduced emissions in long haul transport and reduced lead times in some cases.

New Software 

We have introduced a new software into our company which allows us to operate paperless all of our quotes, invoices, receipts and billing is now done electronically.

What are we planning?

These are some of plans we have made for our company. 

Using More Irish Timber 

Using more Irish grown and certified timber will enable us to use a very sustainable and green material. Timber is renewable and has a low impact on the environment. Moving away from materials like brick, cement and natural stone which have big impact on the environment.

Smaller Working Radius

Carrying out our services in a more local and smaller radius will mean we are spending less time in travelling and producing emissions in traffic. We can then focus on using a few core local suppliers in the area.

Electric Vehicles 

Purchasing of electric vehicles and large machines is our plan to help curb our reliance on diesel and petrol combustion engines. Electric vehicles will reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and use of electric energy would be much better for the environment.

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