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Get to Know Us

Every project we work on we take pride in. 

We are constantly trying to improve so we can provide the best service to our clients!

Your Starting Point 



What are your expectations?

What do you want to see? What materials do you want to see?

What colours do you like?  Have you any ideas you have had in a previous garden our yours, in your neighbours garden in one our recently completed projects?


Sun Orientation 

The sun plays such a major role in any outdoor space wether is it to have your patio in the sun trap for the evening sun. Or so your outdoor kitchen isn't in the cold. 

All plants and trees need a certain amount of sun selection the right plant for the right place is key! 



Have you access to water for a water feature or garden taps or an irrigation system around the garden.

Have you outdoor power capable or running outdoor lights or so you can have outdoor sockets. Power is a key component to any garden as it will transform the space.

Deciding where to start in your outdoor space can be difficult. But here are 6 important factors to consider before beginning your outdoor project. 



Have you materials on the outside or inside of your home that you want to bring into your garden? Have you colours on the outside walls or on the inside of your house you would like to incorporate into you new outdoor space?



What's you budget like? Most budgets are spent on materials, rising material costs are increasing the price of our jobs. work with us to find a solution.



How much time have you got to maintain your garden? Or are you going to have us look after your outdoor space for you? Do you want a low maintenance garden?

Keep up to date with our latest projects and transformation on our social media pages! 

Where we provide some inspiration, advice and transformations.


Some recent projects.

Keep up to date with our latest projects and transformation on our social media pages!

We post daily updates and content!

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