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My name is Andrew Stenson, I'm am the founding owner of Outdoor Spaces Landscaping LTD.

I've been working for myself in the landscaping industry for the past 3 years learning from the best and educating myself and the company along the way.

I have always had a great interest in designing concepts, construction and working with my hands. Working isn't a job, its a passion and in order for you to do the best work you have to love what you do. I certainly do love what we do.

Working in the landscaping construction sector has opened up so many opportunities for me and the company.

We are constantly growing and improving in the right direction. I have seen a major growth in demand in the market for landscape construction services.

My focus has now turned to growing a healthy company that has minimal impact on the environment. Operating with sustainable practices using lower impact materials and Irish products.

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Our Story

Our beginning 

Our company has an amazing story. 

Andrew started working many years ago cutting grass in small residential houses, it grew from door to door, from one street to the next and then into new estates.  Andrew  was then looking after multiple gardens all with a variety of needs. Andrew started with  €200 with which he bought his first grass strimmer. From that he gained more jobs cutting grass, hedges and general maintenance.  His customers wanted more services and jobs done.

Andrew is never a person for saying no or turning down an opportunity. So he took on some more project work. Before long he had too much work and was working afternoons, weekends and summer holidays. Enlisting help Andrew was able to complete this additional work load.. 


These jobs turned into landscaping projects including  planting and paving.  The phone kept ringing with new clients each week and the jobs only getting bigger. Andrew recognised the opportunity he had to create something,


Enlisting the help of two friends we worked throughout the summer of 2021 trying to keep every client happy, everything kept growing ..the grass, the hedges, the size of jobs and the list of clients.


In Jan 2022 Andrew set up Outdoor Spaces Landscaping LTD. The year  2022 was something Andrew never imagined.  Adding company vehicles to the road employing more people working on commercial and residential projects in North County Dublin. 

Us Now

Our company really does have a great story. But here is what is happening now.


 We still carry out work for clients that we've have had for years. Our list of services and quality of work is constantly growing. Along with our client list and variety of projects. We are always striving to do the best, educating ourselves, training staff and innovating. We are growing more and more adding more staff to the team and introducing new software. We are working closer than ever with suppliers choosing the best Irish and locally supplied materials and products. 

We really can't thank every client enough for the amazing outdoor spaces and outdoor projects they have let us be a part of.

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Our Plans

Our plans for the future are big, we want to constantly improve our service offering our quality of work and speed of construction.


We want to grow into a green and sustainable company. Working towards a more sustainable future, we want to make less of an  impact on the environment around us. Reducing our waste, reducing the purchasing of plastic wrapped products, choosing local materials, choosing Irish made and certified products where we can, using secondary materials  and suppliers. Using certified products and manufacturers.  

We also implemented new software which allows us to operate paperless, using social media and our website to showcase our work and share our story eliminates the need for paper and card.

We also want to move away from a reliance on fossil fuels like diesel and petrol so we are upgrading our tools machines and vehicles so it compromises of solely battery and electrically powered tools, machines and vehicles.

Meet the Team

Our company is built around great people. Our company is a collection of people with the same mindset and goals.

Connect with us 

We’re always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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